Standing Series

  • Phoenix II

    This Phoenix power standing wheelchair has total 6 wheels for stability. Comfortable seat and headrest. H-shape harness for safety and LED light for night going out.









    • Speed up to 8 km/hr (5 miles/hr).
    • Travels up to 30 km (18.5 miles) with a full charge.
    • Uses Dynamic Controller (Shark) for precise user control.
    • Equipped with LED lights, headrest and H-shaped safety harness.
    • Spring suspension for extra comfort over rough terrains.
    • Adjusts speed automatically during standing position for safety.
  • Draco Kursi Roda Berdiri

    Draco Kursi Roda Berdiri is a power wheelchair that is with full function standing capability that allows you to move, stand, sit, recline and lay down in safe and comfortable positions. The footrest, armrest and backrest move in a coordinated way, so user will not feel the muscle pull when changing from standing-sit-lay down position.

    With Draco, you don’t have to be transferred so many times during the day for rest. Just take a nap with lay down position.

  • Leo II (Kursi Roda Berdiri Paling Ringan)

    You can hardly find a standing wheelchair that is so stylish, lightweight, user friendly, and it is also the lightest standing wheelchair in the world. If you enjoy using a manual wheelchair and would like to stand-up regularly by yourself, Leo II is really your best choice. Kindly check out the details and specifications to find out which size suits you the most.

  • Pegasus Kursi Roda Berdiri Semi-Elektrik

    • Pegasus Kursi Roda Berdiri Semi-Elektrik tampil sangat elegan.
    • Bergerak secara manual, berdiri serta duduk dengan tenaga elektrik (batere).
    • Membuat pengguna kursi roda lebih sehat dengan seringnya dalam posisi berdiri.
    • Sangat tepat untuk pengguna yang hanya bisa menggerakkan satu tangan.
    • Gerakkan Turun/Naik dikontrol dengan kontroler mungil.
    • Tinggi dudukkan kaki, tempat duduk dan sudut dudukkan kaki dapat diatur.
    • Roda depan dan belakang yang mudah dilepas sehingga lebih mudah dibawa.
    • Cocok untuk dijadikan alat fisio-terapi baik untuk rumah maupun pusat rehab.